Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gifts of the Heart

FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - This past week I've received some pretty shocking gifts. Shocking only to me, in that I was totally floored that people would be so wonderful and think of me for my all-clear anniversary. Flowers (amazing), shoes (swooning just thinking about them right now), donations to the Foundation (I heart that), a coffee mug that reads CONSIGLERIE (perfect-o) and then this last gift, pictured above.

It is a blank triptych canvas set. The reason, my friend told me, is that I now can start a new picture of my life. Starting now, from this point on. I think that is such a beautiful sentiment, very moving. And it doesn’t have to apply to only cancer patients ... but anyone who finds themselves on a difficult journey.

Take a break, start fresh. Thank you, my dear one, for this gift. I can't wait to see how your canvas becomes more colorful, too. :)

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