Wednesday, September 15, 2010


WARSAW, INDIANA - But really could be anywhere on the planet, actually. This is just a quick little acknowledgment to those of you who go out of your way to just make someone else feel comfortable. To you who can relay security and empathy with just a simple hug. Taking the time to let a struggling friend know that they matter, they count, they are valued.

As I find myself at the beginning of my travel season, I am often in the world of social media just to feel connected. The amount of people offering virtual support to one another is quite moving. Words of compassion and kindness come from all parts of the planet to embrace someone struggling with divorce, illness, work woes, the list is endless.

So to you who take the time today to offer a random act of kindness, thank you. I hope it returns to you tenfold.

Photo courtesy of Tami Bailey


Doreen said...

I hope your daily random acts of kindness come back to you - you certainly deserve for them to!

Deborah said...

I love being able to anonymosly (sp?) bless people from time to time, like paying for a friend to have a pedicure, or a massage - something they won't do for themselves. But I must admit, when I see them beaming from ear to ear, I receive more than I could ever give away!

Thanks for the encouraging word, Heidi! I love you, and what you're doing! God bless your efforts!