Monday, September 13, 2010


  • Soft, yet durable. (Wears like iron.)

  • Stain-resistant. (Tears, blood and the occasional odd drip from random IV fluids wash clean away. Warning: traces might remain.)

  • One Size Fits Most. (Ability to conform as needed to individual needs.)

  • Bright, Cheery Pattern. (No matter how bleak the day, their radiant nature will cover you.)

  • Timeless. (Always exactly what is needed at that moment – not trendy, no no – so much more then trendy. Effortless style, like a great string of pearls.)

You think I’m talking about the scrubs, don’t you. :) Actually, every line above refers to Oncology Nurses. This is my humble salute to them, and what they do for all of us in the chairs. You can’t possibly be paid enough, thanked enough, or praised enough for helping us walk gracefully through our journey. We (quite literally) wouldn’t be here without you. xoxo

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