Friday, October 29, 2010


Location, Unknown - I have a 5-year-old son. Every day I tell him that he is wonderful. Extraordinary. Special. Amazing. He and his sisters know they are the reasons I smile. And breathe. It’s just how I feel about my kids. The people I really love in my life say exactly the same things about their kids.

A handful of my friends have kids who have walked in Aiden’s shoes. Aiden is 5 years old, too. Just like my little man. But sweet little Aiden’s shoes are walking him chemo treatments for his leukemia. Aiden’s parents are much like other people I’ve met as I travel – the cost of the treatment is and will be increasingly devastating on the family.

Aiden’s parents have an interesting idea, and one I would like to encourage you to consider. Aiden likes to draw pictures of monsters. He’s quite a fan-tas-tic-o little artist, I think. You can go out and take a peek at his work, and then buy one if you like. They are quite a bargain, considering the fact that your investment will look nice in a frame on your wall or just on your fridge whilst having the added bonus of saving a little kids life. Sweet, huh?

So peruse his work. Maybe buy a monster for your Halloween d├ęcor!

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