Friday, November 5, 2010


Chicago, Illinois - Hockey Fights Cancer is my next nod to the silent supporters in the fight against cancer. The reigning Stanley Cup Champions - the Chicago Blackhawks (I'm woozy just being able to say that in one sentence...) recently hosted HFC in their house. It was out in the news but didn’t get nearly the attention it deserved. This team quietly and diligently worked to insure that several cancer foundations all were able to receive incredible donations.

Their staff members are amazing - so kind, so generous. They worked well over 14 hours in one day to make it all happen smoothly and seamlessly. One gal told me 'You know, you work every day so hard but then you get a day like today. It all seems worthwhile when you get to give back.' Amen! The players wives came out on the concourse to sell pucks to raise money - that’s right, the players wives. Tell me how many wives of pro athletes would take the time to help out in such a public and open manner? Amazing.

And then there was the golden moment. (Golden, get it? Golden ... jet ... ok, anyway ...) My son was put on the zamboni for the beginning of the game. This little boy who wasn’t supposed to make it this far, according to some. He had all that chemo in utero, who knew he would get this far? Who would have guessed that I would survive to see him do this fun thing? Now he and his sisters are in Chicago with the best hockey team on the planet. A big thank you to my friend Ashley and to the Chicago Blackhawks. Your hearts are all bigger than Lord Stanley's Cup.

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