Thursday, November 11, 2010


UNITED STATES OF AMERICA - “Dedicated to the cause of world peace” were the words used in 1938, designed to honor the end of World War I with a special holiday. After termed “Veterans Day”. Armistice means, basically, work out your differences – without causing further harm. Sometimes this means that battles have to be fought. Wars have to be endured. Nations have to buckle down and fight for what they know to be right, and help give others a taste of freedom.

This is a day set aside to thank and honor those who have served and are still with us, whether they served in war or peace. To thank them in a special way, what do you all say to acting with honor. To behave in a decent way. To suspend hostilities. The people you see pictured are brothers, cousins, friends, husbands, fathers and one great mommy. They have and some continue to serve all of us with their professions. Thank you for giving so much for all of us. Hopefully everyone reading this will take a moment to appreciate your efforts.

And perhaps take a Veteran out for lunch. They love a good lunch. :)

(Photos: Top, left to right: U.S. Air Force, Logistics Readiness Officer: Andrea Taylor; U.S. Navy, Master at Arms: Ralph Jerzy; U.S. Army, Combat Medic/SPC: Cody Floyd; U.S. Army, Unit Supply Sergeant: Seth Floyd; Bottom:Captain Nevin Bultemeier U.S. Army 1991-2001)

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