Wednesday, May 18, 2011


FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - I work with a lovely gal whose desk is perpetually awash with color. At the moment, her cubicle is festooned with banners, hanging lanterns and streamers, but that’s because she just celebrated her birthday. BUT – take a peek at what she has just hanging around on a daily basis. Color! Lots of it!

My first thought when I saw all of these ribbons was "how apropos." (Ok, that was my second thought. My first was "oooohhh pretty, can I touch them as if I am a 4-year-old with an attention spam problem?" But I digress …) The reason her color is so appropriate is that she lends all of us here at the Foundation a bit of color all the time.

The entire Vera Bradley Product Development team, of which she is a part, create all of those wonderful products that benefit us in so many ways. In addition to the work they do all year, a large number of the team also participates in our annual Classic event by doing volunteer work or getting out there and playing on a team.

Thank you, my wonderful PD team. I love your colorful selves!

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