Friday, May 20, 2011


FORT WAYNE URBAN LEAGUE, INDIANA - “Teacher” is what one little peanut called her. I’d not met her before, this cancer warrior, but was asked if I would like to go hang pink ribbons with some children who had raised funds in honor of their instructor at the FW Urban League.

After I met her (yep, true to form, we hugged and cried within about 2 seconds of meeting each other. Life is good.) I got her message. You know, when you meet someone there is always something they want to make sure you understand before you part – that’s "their message." In my line of work, I meet so many cancer patients and their messages are typically tied to treatment issues, early detection, equality in healthcare, etc. But not this lady, her message was clear, firm and decidedly not what I usually hear.

Hers was this: “THESE KIDS ARE GREAT." Period. She kept saying it over and over, how hard they work, how much love they show, how gentle they can be, how they are rarely acknowledged for the kindness they have within them. Well, this is for you, you little sweeties. This is a big thank you from one lady who was sick, just like your teacher. Thank you from all of us for working hard to raise money to help other sick ladies. Thank you for knowing that if you think about taking care of someone else, it helps your heart, too. Thank you for your hugs yesterday. Thank you for knowing that the future can be bright for all of us.

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