Wednesday, May 4, 2011


CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA - After speaking for a few years, I've begun to wonder if I am having any impact at all. It doesn't happen often, this concern of mine; usually once I've been back on the road I hear from enough people that I see the worth and realize that we need to continue.

Quite recently that old concern paid me a visit again. And then I was given my answer; in a way I rarely receive. After I was done sharing my story, I walked to the back of the room. A woman stopped me just as I was about half way to the back. She was weeping.

"My doctor just told me the exact.same.thing. that you were told, Heidi." I was stunned by this. There we were, surround by hundreds of people and she was so open and candid about her most personal and frightening moment. I cried with her, we hugged, and I asked her to call me. Email me. Text me; whatever I could do to lend support during this.

Every single time I talk to people, I have the same hope; that, even though I am still nervous to go up to the microphone, even though I am self-conscious about myself, I hope that just one person can hear something of benefit. That one part of the message can be useful, hopeful, interesting.

So, I met my One just this past weekend. Batteries fully charged, I am heading to my next event prepared to meet my next One. Until there is no more need to worry about anyOne.

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thamlin said...

I always enjoy your blog...but this one really touched my heart!! God Bless you Heidi!