Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Tami is a fellow cancer survivor who recently contacted the Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer to introduce herself to us, and to say hello. We had been aware of her on twitter for quite some time, it’s always nice to put a face with an internet name!

Tami has written a book and writes her own blog as well.

Her story is, sadly, one that I’ve heard so many, many times as I travel … she had crossed her five-year ‘all clear’ mark, then was diagnosed with a recurrence. She, of course, was given a pretty grim survival rate statistic and decided that she would basically ignore those odds. To quote Tami, “Who was she to tell me how long I have to live?” and is now three years out from that recurrence. Take that, cancer!

She is passionate about a few key things – namely, finding a cure for metastatic breast cancer. The other is connecting with all sorts of cancer groups, for all sorts of cancer. She’s out there now, and would love to connect with you … share your story with Tami!

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