Thursday, June 2, 2011


WINONA LAKE, INDIANA - Tracey Ann Yeager was an officer in the U.S. Navy, and on Memorial Day, there was a 5K run in her honor. Not because of the years of her incredible service to and for her country, but because she was selfless. Totally selfless. She lost her fight with breast cancer, but even in her final days, she was selfless. She was thinking about others, and I can tell you that from first-hand experience; I spoke with her just days before she passed from us. Selfless. She was a mommy, wife, runner, pilot, inspiration, friend and a model of faith. Selfless.

It’s an interesting thing, what selfless people do. I’ve learned that they inspire more than any other kind of person, and in big ways. Tracey inspired a young man (seriously young, 17 years young) to do something big, and selfless, in her memory. People going through, living with, and survivors of cancer are uniquely hit financially. We might be here, appearing to be healthy and strong; but many cancer patients are in total financial ruin. Any and all savings are completely obliterated by covering the myriad of unforeseen costs of cancer – but that’s a bigger post for another time. Nate, our 17-year-old hero, knew about these burdens because of Tracey’s journey and decided to help. Please keep in mind that he is 17 years old. Selfless.

Kosciusko County Cancer Care Fund this weekend grew by more than $20,000 because of Nate’s 5K ‘Race for Trace.' Think of how many families will benefit from this huge act of generosity, how many mommies and daddies might not have to go through quite as many sleepless nights because they don’t know how they will get gas money to go to the next treatment. Our selfless, courageous Tracey inspired our selfless, courageous Nate. I am just sitting back to watch all the good that will spill over into this community from their big, big hearts. Selfless.

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