Thursday, June 23, 2011


I was asked yesterday if an event was "even possible, since we don't think we have a great story to inspire people." The town I was in was quite small, and they thought their attendance, motivation and subsequent contribution would be too small to matter.

Size doesn't count when it comes to giving, when it comes to love. Even the littlest of people can make an impact, if not through dollars, then through impression. I was once at an event where a little girl gave me 12 cents "for all the sick ladies I talked about." It was in a shoe store on the East coast, and I'll never forget her face. Of course we have donors that are so big, her change seems to be a drop in the bucket. But, she was 5 years old and sad about the sick ladies, so just imagine what that compassion might lead her to later in life!

My little one wrote down the "Saturday pancake" recipe that we always make. She never once questioned whether she was able to cook, whether people would find them good enough, whether it was proper. Now, 8 years of pancake-making under her belt, she wanted to make sure she wrote it down for other people. Because someone might be scared to try, and this would help, she said.

Just try!

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