Tuesday, June 21, 2011


CALIFORNIA - Laura Ziskin took a stand, and showed many others how to do the same. She was a big-time Hollywood producer for movies like "Spider-man," "Pretty Woman" and "As Good As It Gets," and has myriad more credits to her name. She’s won awards and has had enormous influence in the movie industry.

Interestingly, however, I never even knew her as anyone but the movie-cancer lady. She created Stand Up to Cancer a few years ago while fighting her own breast cancer. There are so many of us who do little things here and there. Speak at events, throw parties, you name it – but no one else made three television networks stop everything, bring out stars and talk about cancer for a few hours.

She was crystal clear about her passion - 100 % of donations goes to collaborative research. They are making "scientific dream teams" that are changing lives right now. It’s unusual, don’t you think, that someone can make such a profound impact with her career and her passion? Thank you, Laura, for making this journey with us. And for fighting with us. And for fighting for us. And for that cool hat in the Kentucky Derby scene in Pretty Woman. Your drive and energy will never be replaced.

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