Thursday, August 25, 2011


INDIANA - Socks. I kid you not, that was the extent of the request. Socks with a pink ribbon to be specific. Yesterday, I got an email from a lady who wanted a local girls sports team to wear socks with a pink ribbon. A friend of mine was going to purchase said socks, and make sure that the girls had them the entire season. So no cost whatsoever would be assumed by the team or coach.

No possible way, says the coach guy. His basic premise was "I really hate the oversaturation of the pink ribbon and I am sure everyone else on the planet is too, so no way. Period."

Sometimes, we just say and do things without taking a step back. We use our immediate impulses and let our faces snarl without realizing that just one little act might actually be kind of a big thing for someone.

Like the little girl on the team who’s mama died from breast cancer last year - she’s about 10 or so, and it is kind of important to her to wear this pink ribbon on things. Like her little teammate, who’s mama is a breast cancer warrior, too, and is now a passionate advocate for all things helpful to patients. Like the people in this town who have been impacted and might actually like to see these girls showing others that it matters.

Yes, we are probably oversaturated. I don’t think anyone would question that. I think perhaps sometimes, however, we just need to let little girls wear them if they miss their mommies. I wear one every day, because I miss mine. Just a thought.

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Truly Hamlin said...

Amen Sista'!! I wear one EVERYDAY too!