Friday, August 19, 2011


USA - This, my friends, is a piece of paper I get once a month. It has big, scary words and I'm convinced that I am one of perhaps only 3 people that have actually read it in its entirety.

It's the warning label from my cancer meds; I get a refill once a month. I used to be averse to looking at it - I just didn't want to know what might be coming down the road.

When some weird things started happening to me, I decided I should take a peek just to see if they might possibly be normal side effects. Sure enough, there they were. Heart issues, bone pain, weight fluctuations - you name it, all there. Drat!

Now I have a decidedly different view on these warnings. I pop it open, see what's new and then breathe a sigh of relief on the ones I don't have. Phew!

I know that sounds silly to some of you, but hey, I take what I can get in the world of optimism. What else am I supposed to do with something that has more 'Oooh you'd better watch out, sister' kind of warnings then the TSA signs in the airports? :)


Struggling Princess said...

Oh girl I read them all too. I have gotten it all. Of course I am still alive so I haven't gotten a-l-l of them but all those in tiny writing. My doctors will say, "oh they just have to put them on there cuz a couple people got it in trials but i haven't seen anyone with it" and guess who gets! So I study them when I get them and when I feel anykind of weird. fun times, fun times lol

Natalie said...

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Best wishes,

Heidi Floyd/Vera Bradley said...

Princess; I'm so glad you stay with it! Love that you still hang in there and keep on reading! Natalie, thanks for the information. I'll look at your website and information! - Heidi