Monday, October 31, 2011


CHICAGO - Here for an event, stopped to grab a bite. Everything is going swell; nice cup of tea and some pasta ... quiet.

Then my waiter says "Hey, nice pink ribbon. Guess this is your big month, huh?" You betcha. Big is one word that might cover it.

A little time passes and he returns. He's obviously quite shaken when he returns. "I'm sorry I was so freaked out before, ma'am. My grandma just started her chemo and we are all still really really worried about this whole thing."

So we talk. I tell him what to expect, how the upcoming radiation will affect her compared to the chemo. What she might need to help give her comfort. Then I write my info on a napkin (I never assume I'll need business cards at a lunch ... I wont make that mistake again!) As I was leaving, he grabbed my hand and said "Thank you. You have no idea how reassuring and hopeful you have been. I'm so glad you decided to stop in here!!!"

Me too. Welcome to the journey you never wanted. Someday, maybe you can give hope and comfort to someone, too. It really does make it all worthwhile.

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