Monday, October 24, 2011


ATHENS, ALABAMA -  48-year cancer survivor. Forty-Eight Year Cancer Survivor. (That deserves to be capitalized, I think, don't you?) I met her while speaking at an event for a Athens/Limestone Hospital in Alabama. They are driven to provide great health care to everyone who needs it in their community. Nobel mission, indeed. My friend pictured above wanted to make sure she had just a moment of my time before I left.

She is in her 90's and her survivor age is the most impressive I've ever heard. 48, come on. When I asked what I could do for her, what did she want to tell me? Her statement took my breath away.  

"You," she said, "have something very important to do. You have to tell your story as often as to as many people you can. Don't ever stop."  

I told her I would certainly try my best, and gave her a big hug. Just as I was leaving she whispered in my ear:

"You have a big job. But you have a great deal of time to do it in - after all, you've got the whole rest of your life."

So now I'm off, doing my job. For the rest of my life.  xoxo


Laura said...

Love your blog, Heidi. It is SO encouraging!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Laura. It's an honor to be able to put my heart out here :) - heidi

Beth Speers said...

Beautiful, and true!

Anonymous said...

Can we just say that folks from Alabama have very good taste - they all love them some Heidi Floyd. xoxo Julia