Thursday, March 1, 2012


TRINITY, FLORIDA - I painted a canvas. No, it was not a spectacular success. No, I have not left my job to pursue the artistic realm. No, I did not spill on my clothes, thank you so much for asking. But YES, a big resounding YES for this – I had fun.

I was with  a fellow Vera Bradley employee and dear friend, Renee. We were at a Painting with A Twist studio location who was doing a fundraiser for our foundation. As you know, I dabble in pottery painting, because of my love for our friends at the CCSA and my introduction to them via their fundraiser. I enter as a untalented novice, and leave the same. :) But when I leave, I have new friends. Sincerely – people that contact me personally, people that inquire after my children, know my dog’s name, understand my endless passion for this mission. 

But canvas painting? I thought there was no/way/possible that this could work. Couldn’t I just use a stamp of some kind? But they have a really cool method for getting you up and running. “Just put the paint on the brush and GO” said our instructor. And drink your wine, that will help, she said. (Note for my doctor, I didn’t have wine. I know the rules of my cancer meds and I won’t break them!)

Anyway, we painted. We laughed, and we hugged. There were college girls, retirees, middle aged soccer moms. Every color of the rainbow was represented, and I don’t mean in acrylic. I mean in humankind. As a result, all of our paintings were different. Unique examples of who we are. I want to say a big THANK YOU to the PWAT team, so many studios across the country participated. It was a great evening, and I highly recommend you give it a whirl. You never know who might end up sitting at the easel next to you!

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