Tuesday, March 6, 2012


INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA -  Since I was a little girl, I wanted to be a Pip. As in, the backup singers for Gladys Knight. My mom, God love her, chose only to tell me that the reason I might not be considered was that the fabulous Ms. Gladys only used her relatives for that job. Sadly, we were not related. That did not stop me from learning ALL the words and moves for "Midnight Train to Georgia".  (Come on, you know you are saying whoo whooo in your head right now ...)

Sometimes, we get to realize a tiny bit of our dreams if we are lucky. This past weekend, I went to a pink pajama party to raise money for breast cancer patient services. Indiana Women In Need hosted this fundraiser and as always, it was moving. Touching. Emotional. And indescribably FUN. This annual event is always rocked by an amazing band. The band always gets the ladies in pink moving on the dance floor – just so much fun.  So a tiny bit of my dreams came true.

Gladys wasn’t there, but I went up on stage with the band and danced with the horn line. I blended in. Totally. ☺

Just kidding, I was totally goofy but I had fun. That’s kind of the entire mission of IWIN. To be in the background, but letting people have fun. Women who are going through treatment need someone just to be backup. If they need money for gas, for lawn maintenance, for so many things – IWIN is there. There are so many similar organizations all over. I strongly recommend that you do a little research. And then donate. You, too, can be backup. (And keep dancing!)

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