Friday, April 13, 2012


FORT WAYNE, INDIANA - I always assume I will meet cancer patients with amazing stories wherever I go. I'm never disappointed.)

Today's story comes from the Vera Bradley Outlet Sale. Pictured behind these lovely ladies is a one-of-a-kind quilt created with Vera Bradley's Tea Garden pattern; I was there admiring the workmanship of that stunning quilt when I saw the lady with the hat.

She had taken it off in an out of the way location, clearly to be discreet. And me being, well ... me, I walked right over and said: "I totally understand. Nothing worse than how hot you get during chemo. Then to have to wear hats; makes it even worse!"

She laughed, took the hat off with a bold flourish an we had a great conversation. Her daughter, pictured to her right, decided that her mama would NOT go through this alone. She has shaved her head in solidarity during her mama's journey.

Now I'm off to Las Vegas for the "A Colorful Day"Can't wait to tell you who I meet there!

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