Thursday, April 5, 2012


PORTLAND, OREGON - Have you ever been to a cancer center waiting room? I'm guessing if you are a regular reader you just might have. When I had my chemo and radiation, I had almost everything I needed; brilliant doctors, compassionate nurses, caring friends and coworkers, and thanks especially to those coworkers, lots of yummy food!!!

The only thing missing; however, was something that is often not a part of these centers; a children's play area. While we all hate the idea that some children have to come here while parents are being treated, it is a reality. Much like every other life activity, if you go to get something done, you have to bring your kiddos with you. Even if it's something frightening and somber.

My friend Amy lives in Portland and was a mom like me during her treatment. Diagnosed in our 30s with children who had to watch mommy go through such a scary timeAmy had a novel idea.

She would start a full-time (no charge!!!) drop-in child care center at Providence Hospital. Kiddos don't have to wait for hours alone anymore; they can be with other children in a fully supervised and staffed room with caring and nurturing administrators.

The long-term help this is giving is I calculable, don't you think? These little ones will now be able to see that this journey isn't one they have to take alone.

It is one of the most beautiful and compassionate things I've ever heard of, and really has shown me that with a clear focus and kind heart, you can change a scary situation into a good day for a child. 10,000 visitors later, I would have to say I think she has changes lives. Thank you, my dear Amy!

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