Friday, March 30, 2012


The beautiful thing about a new cancer drug discovery is that it has just begun. Patients have only just started to use it, so it's healing potential is just in it's infancy.

While almost every medication had side effects, cancer meds are the ruling class in side effects. They can rend asunder even the most fit of bodies - that's why when people call us "survivors", they mean it!  

A news story today caught my eye. The famed Herceptin has been a life saver (yes, literally) to many many people. But now there is another new kid on the block, following in her footsteps.  

This one, as advancing medicine often is, just has a few more bells and whistles. This one has lessened some of the tricky side effects! Now that may not seem to be a Herculean accomplishment or big news to many of you, but to me and my fellow patients, it's huge. Because it just shows we can all just keep doing the same thing.

Keep.doing.better.  :)

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