Thursday, March 22, 2012


TIPP CITY, INDIANA -  Years ago, my sweet friend Kelley came to a Vera Bradley sales event and saw a video. That video featured my daughter, Alexandra.

Alex shared the fact that someone with a serious illness does not go through it alone. In fact, the family of that person lives the experience as well as their friends, neighbors - even our pets! It is a great video, but the kid is the highlight.

Kelley thought so as well. When I saw her a few weeks ago, she told me how Alex was the inspiration for her to get involved. She had a daughter not that much younger and it broke her heart to think all that Alex has endured. So she started an event in her town. 

It had now grown substantially. One of the biggest outside fundraisers, it has taken over the whole town! Stores, restaurants, even entire streets get involved!

And this year, as a special treat, Alex herself will be in the fashion show. With little Ava. So the girl who's mama has cancer can be with the girl who's mama is working so hard to make a change through What a Girl Wants: Fashion for a Cure:) 

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