Saturday, April 25, 2009


GLENDALE, CALIFORNIA - The Vera Bradley store at The Americana at Brand is breathtaking; and I say that with full acknowledgment that I have been to several Vera Bradley stores. They have a chandelier OUTSIDE, can you imagine? Ah, California. The staff put on a lovely event, with yummy treats spread out for all who attended and warm conversations for everyone. There weren’t hundreds of people who attended, but the ladies who came during my time there were such great people to meet, I am delighted we were able to have the event at this location. Cancer survivors were given gifts, and one customer revealed that she was a survivor of more than a decade while another was still going through treatment right now. It is this diversity amongst us that makes us all so strong; we offer encouragement for the ‘newbies’ and celebrate with joy those who have double-digits in their survivorship. What a store.

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