Wednesday, June 10, 2009

For the boys

TIPP CITY, OHIO - So there he was, this tall, handsome fellow with a stunning wife. I walked into the event at Urban Ava and they were just sitting there chatting. You know how you see people sometimes and you just know that they are clever and sophisticated and cool? That’s what Ron and Joanne are like. Just wow. So I am introduced to him like this “Heidi, this is Ron. He is our other breast cancer survivor/speaker”. WHAT? WHAT? This polished gentleman with the jaunty hat, a breast cancer survivor? So I chat with him and learn that he is a high school teacher, varsity basketball coach, proud father of an OSU athlete, and lover of people – both young and old. He is a really great guy who just happens to have also had a mastectomy. This isn’t just a disease that affects women; I say it all the time. Sometimes you can be this amazing and totally masculine person who’s been dealt the ‘beer hand’ in life’s little genetic poker game. Here’s to you, Ron. May you have a happy, long life and continue to tell people about how crucial this research is for all people – both girls and boys.

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Sarah said...

Learned last week my grandfather has breast cancer. Talk about a shock. When he learned he did not have to explain it to me that I knew it did happen, he started to cry. It has been hard on him, having a cancer that is seen as a women's disease.

Thank-you for bringing awareness to this issue.