Saturday, May 8, 2010

Another Mother

INDIANA AND OHIO - For the past few Mother's Day celebrations, I've shared with you the story of my own mama and how terribly much I miss her. This year, I wanted to tell you about another kind of mama. My friend Lita's mom is a cancer survivor (yay!), and we connected in a pretty big way when she was sick. Lita is fairly spectacular, so I knew her mom would probably be as well.

Spectacular doesn't begin to describe her. She has basically adopted my children. They get Christmas presents from her, our family gets awesome food baskets, we are spoiled by her regularly. For a few years now the biggest present for Noah under the tree has been from her, no question.

That leads me to acknowledge the mamas out there who pick us up and fill a bit of the void that is left when our mamas are gone. Of course my mom is irreplaceable, but there are a few ladies who do anything and everything in their power to make us feel a little better. Big hugs, genuine inquiries into our health and well-being, gifts; these are all mom things that we all need in our lives.

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