Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Pink Elephants

ATHENS, ALABAMA - Last month, Athens Limestone Hospital hosted their third annual “Pink Elephant” breast cancer awareness fundraiser – and as always, it was a sold-out event. This year, I met a jewelry store that participated because they lost the family matriarch to breast cancer, and wanted to do something in her memory. I met a woman who had just been diagnosed and was just starting her treatment. She was amazing - she had attended this event before, and had always helped but of course never suspected that she herself would join this club.

They gave a portion of the proceeds right to the Vera Bradley Foundation; wonderfully generous. Then, a change of pace. They had seen the ‘pink glove video’ circulating out there and wanted to do something to match that theme. So we were all given pink gloves and they took our photo. Then we all went outside where a man was precariously perched on top of a ladder and we formed a ribbon for a picture. Let me tell you, 100 ladies telling a man on a ladder ‘now be careful’ is a lot of fun. Nothing like that many moms checking up on your safety!

This photo is of Kelli. She is one of the many people who attended the event. I love the image that shows her face- full of happiness but surrounded by the sea of pink hands. All ready to pitch in and do what it takes to find a cure.

Photo courtesy Athens Limestone Hospital

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